Monday, May 15, 2017

My Favorite Murder MONDAYYYYY

My sister Audrey and I bought tickets to see My Favorite Murder live in December, 
I can't believe the day was finally here!! 

Had to start the day off right with some "Fuck Politeness" coffee
in the mug Audrey got me for Christmas!

Audrey made us shirts & they are so cute!!
Mine said: "Stay Sexy Jersey"
& hers said: "New Jersey Want A Cookie"
{all inside jokes, if you are a fellow murderino, you understand.}

Arrived nice and early!

We were the last stop on the tour at the Keswick Theatre in Glenside, PA

Outside the theater a couple of muderinos were handing out murderer / gangster trading cards!

It was awesome!
These are the ones I got {although I wanted the Ted Bundy card...}:

Ohhh, I hope so!

Audrey got us tour totes!

Our seats were so good!

they are real people!!!
& HILARIOUS in real life!

Some visuals of Georgia's "oh no" face when Karen was telling her murder:

Two good hometown murders:

I can't believe we got to see MFM live!!
Congrats on a successful tour, it was awesome!

I hope our episode will be used on the podcast because it was a really, really funny one!
{UPDATE- THEY DID, see link below!}


Do you listen to My Favorite Murder?
If you like crime/comedy- you NEED to listen to this podcast!

UPDATE: My Favorite Murder released our live show as Episode #77
& it is a GREAT one!
Trust me- I was there!

See my whole podcast list HERE!

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