Thursday, May 25, 2017

TBT To Younger Skin? You be the judge! Influenster Vox Box Lancôme Review

I was so intrigued & excited that Influenster sent me some Lancôme products,
including a "peel treatment" in April.
To use and review for free!

My VoxBox included:
Visionnaire Crescendo™ Progressive Night Peel {retails for $75}
BIENFAIT UV SPF 50+ Super Fluid Facial Sunscreen {retails for $39}
Matte Shaker High Pigment Liquid Lipstick in "Pink Power" {retails for $22}

I have never tried anything like this so I decided to give it an good honest try,
I learned very quickly that actual legit skin routines are hardddd!
But I did my best and followed the Do's and Don'ts!

 So lets review:
** beware no makeup selfies coming up & it ain't cute,
especially after the peeling starts. **

After Phase 1 Day 1, I did like the results my skin felt brighter,
besides some redness and previous zits that were blessing me with their presence.
{this pic was after I washed my face in the morning}

I generally liked Phase 1,
I didn't have any burning or tingling or peeling after the 14 days of Phase 1.
But when Phase 2 started the burning was immediate, my skin turned red and irritated.

This picture was day 10 ish of Phase 2, and honestly looks better than it feels.
The skin on my chin felt like it was hard to the touch and flaking off.
No amount of exfoliation or moisturizer was helping.

The morning after one of the last days of Phase 2:

So what do we think?!
I think I really do see a difference,
especially in that stress wrinkle in the middle of my brows
from the last 5 years of teaching high school Bio:

I completed the Lancôme badge on Influenster!
Influenster is a really fun program, check it out if you are into this kind of stuff!

So final notes/thoughts:
1. I am so happy it came with the awesome BIENFAIT UV SPF 50+ Super Fluid Facial Sunscreen,
I really like it, doesn't smell like sunscreen and I will be using this all summer. I was thankful to have it during the really peeling parts of the treatment. 

2. I also LOVE the matte lip shaker in "Pink Power" that the VoxBox came with! That will also be a summer fave! {Already worn HERE, HERE, & HERE on the blog}

3. I never thought my skin was that sensitive, but apparently my chin was not having this.

4. It was also that lovely time of the month so, as a scientist, that is another variable that needs to be considered with the mid-treatment break out/peel session. 

5. I do see a difference, I think. Maybe it is wishful thinking for all the nights of burning I experienced. 

6.  I am 28 years old, I am not that concerned with wrinkles, although I have noticed some creeping up. My husband says that wrinkles show a life well lived and I agree. 
I think my wrinkles say, "What on Earth are you doing over there" while teaching,
 since I am pretty sure that is where they came from.

What do you think? 
Do you see a difference for my pain and suffering? 
Have you / Would you try a product like this? 

Please share, I am curious about results!

Stay tuned for this month's Humble Beauty Opinion post on Saturday! 

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