Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wanted Wednesday: Blush Velvet Couch

I have been wanting a velvet couch for years now, 
I have come across a few in my thrifting adventures but have never pulled the trigger.
We have had a couple of vintage floral couches, a pink one and a blue one
that Maggie the bully steady destroyed.

I did some Wanted Wednesday research and my god they are pretty but SO ESSPENSIVE 
{Kathleen Lights reference for my YouTube beauty guru lovers!}

Low and behold, I spotted this beauty at the Rescue Mission in Trenton
{you know one of My Top 5 NJ Thrift Spots}

On Friday's they have half price on their furniture, 
so this baby was.... drum roll please.....


You know I had to squeeze this baby in my car and drive cautiously home:

Charlie added this plant in this amazing barrel holder,
 that I found on the curb when a neighbor was moving.
+ pillows that were a thrift find from years ago
= perfection!

Arnold was the first to approve of the new couch.
Maggie and Barry checked it out and also approved.

I love having a couch in this space,
it is comfortable & pretty!

What is the missing piece in your house?
When you identify it,
the hunt is ON!

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