Tuesday, May 2, 2017

hello nautical, my old friend

A friend from my early school days sent me this pic:

Check out that nautical nugget with her eyes closed...
yup, that is me...
{FYI I still do that weird thing with my hands when I am nervous}

I have always had a thing for nautical print,
this nautical theme cardigan was one of the first things that I bought second hand,
everyone thought it was a weird purchase, but it has lasted since middle school...
and I still love it.

What I Wore: glasses- Warby Parker, lips- Essence "Cool Nude", t-shirt- For Human Peoples, sweater- vintage, pants- Loft, flats- Kohl's

I love to find vintage nautical prints for my InTheLeopardCloset shops too:
1. Nautical Boat Embroidered Red Short Sleeve Blouse {$12}
2. Nautical print vintage blouse, size small {$10}
3. Nautical Star and Shield Short Sleeve Blouse {$10}
4. Nautical Shell Anchor Tube Blouse {$15}

Don't miss out,
as FuckJerry pointed out...


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