Thursday, May 11, 2017

"Market Research" = what I now call shopping.

In my Intro to Fashion Marketing class,
 we had a presentation on a JCPenney case study, where we basically
read the history of the the company, their struggles through the Ron Johnson CEO reign
and the current department store plight.

I went to our local JCPenney to do some market research,
mainly to see if any of the strategies that Johnson implemented ever made their way this store.
These strategies were all pretty good and necessary:
 less sales, better product in their private labels, reorganize and merchandize the stores

Well, lets just say that nothing has changed... in about 50 years in this store.
This place is a mess.
It took everything in me not to walk around cleaning and fixing displays...
it was the Anthropologie sales associate in me...

& about those sales promotions...
holy moly

I did fall in love with these Kate Spade-esk glitter necklaces,
{since the Liz Claiborne company owned Kate Spade,
 until Monday when they were sold to Coach}

I loved this rainbow glitter necklace & this drippy one
{already worn on Cinco de Mayo}
Got both for under $30, retail value of $66...

Had to wear my new necklace to go present my project:

What I Wore: glasses- Warby Parker, lips- tarte "Wonder", necklace- JCPenney, top & pants- Victoria Beckham x Target, sweater- Target, flats- The Webster for Target

Time to go present my findings...

Man NJTransit, these delays...

I loled at this Commuter Barbie video by Carina Hsieh on Facebook:

Thanks bathroom at FIT for this inspiration during finals week:

I love coming home to my hubby and a delicious dinner,
he is getting really good at Thai food,
this house is becoming such an international melting pot!

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