Monday, September 25, 2017

"Got a bag and fixed my teeth"

So it happened. 
I got one of my dream handbags.

The Louis Vuitton Tivoli GM has been my #1 dream bag for as long as I can remember, 
I am talking high school or maybe even earlier. 

I don't even know what it is about this bag but I have always loved it.
I remember when I first saw it in real life on a woman at Target in Princeton,
all my desires were solidified. 

I occasionally check on this bag on Louis,
mainly to watch the price steadily increase... 
until one day Charlie informed me that MY DREAM BAG HAD BEEN DISCONTINUED.

I was so upset. 
Pretty sure I cried. 

I immediately started looking for verified used bags.
I have never really wanted a new one because I knew it would stress me out.
The older Louis Vuitton bags are so much prettier with their patina.

& I found one. 
I found one for $1,400 LESS than it was retailing before being discontinued.

This happened at a time where our financial situation seemed to be on the uptick,
because let me be honest, we struggle. 
A lot. 
Being periodically unemployed / Owning a house / Going back to school 
is just too much.

I'll leave that sensitive topic alone (for now)

Was getting this handbag now a perfect decision? No.
Do I have buyers remorse/guilt? Yes, some.

But it was my 4th wedding anniversary / upcoming 10 year dating anniversary gift.
& every time I see it or carry it I fall even more in love.

Found it on Poshmark
and I was thankful that Poshmark offers Poshmark Concierge
where they inspect items and provide assurance that item is authentic 

Arnold was also happy with the big box...

What I Wore: glasses- c/o Lafont, lips- Milani Moisture Lock Coconut Oil Infused Lip Treatment in "Peach Mango", necklace- gift from hubby, dress- Forever 21 via Sharkie's Closet on Instagram, cardigan- secondhand, sandals- Roxy {old}, bag- Louis Vuitton 

She is a beauty.

While hustling these days, I have been rocking out to Cardi B "Bodak Yellow",
and really relate to the lyrics "got a bag and fixed my teeth".
Since I did get THE bag, and have been working on fixing my teeth 
after a broken molar and emergency root canal... 

You know I had to add it to my 2017 Spotify Playlist.

Around our anniversary we tried a new restaurant, 
Restaurant Week was the perfect opportunity to try this place.
Everyone speaks highly of this restaurant.

The menu is seasonal and changes all the time, 
and the menu for restaurant week looked amazing!
Especially with their photos on Instagram and Facebook

We had:
First Course: Hamachi Crudo & Sourdough Bucatini {both pictured above}
Second Course: Grilled Swordfish {pictured above} & Pork Loin 
Third Course: Peaches {pictured below} & Blueberry Cobbler Glazed Donut {pictured above}

I loved everything, 
it was delicious.

I can't until the next time we get to eat at Charcoal!

In the mean (meme?) time:

My, my, my, the complicated lives we weave.

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