Friday, September 22, 2017

Cherry Grove Farm Tour!

Last month we went on a little excursion down the road from our house 
to go on a tour of Cherry Grove Farm
We have been to Cherry Grove a few times in the past,
 but never done an official tour

What I Wore: glasses- c/o Glasseslit, top + leggings- Walmart, boots- JCrew {via Ebay} 

I thought this was so cool, 
on this sustainable farm the cows get to choose from this "buffet" of elements, minerals and nutrients so they can select what they are craving and what they need. 

Cherry Grove is over 400 miles of sustainable farm land in the middle of Lawrenceville, NJ.
On the farm they have cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, goats, sheep, rabbits, 
and a bunch of farm kitties! 
{Also have fox, deer, and the occasional coyote!}
They rotate the animals on the farm to keep the ecosystems in balance and thriving. 

It was awesome to have a personal tour where we get to see the farm first hand
and hear about their sustainable farming techniques.
I love exploring with my hubby 
{and checking out his booty on the walk, not going to lie... I am definitely Tina incarnate...}

The tour usually reserved in advanced and requires a $10 donation. 
Totally worth it, especially for the sunset over the farm!

If you look closely into the sun you can see one of their baby cows, 
he is honestly a perfect picture example of a black and white cow,
hanging out with his mommy! 

Okay, I am not one to shame.
I mean I never dress appropriately for anything.
I just have a tendency to wear whatever I want, no matter the occasion. 
I was quite proud that I was prepared for this farm tour
mainly due to the fact that "the rules" for a tour state:
"These farm tours will take you past the fences and into the fields, pastures, cow paths, and woodlands. You may encounter mud, burrs, insects, and other acts of nature. 
Proper footwear and clothing are a must."

Apparently a woman we were on the tour with 
interpreted "proper footwear" as open toed platform wedges... 
{where she needed to be practically carried across large puddles}

She also asked a lot of business, budgeting, and profit questions which was very strange. 
To the point where I asked Charlie how we ended up on this business meeting walk...
Really weird.
But made me look/feel like a farm pro.

After our farm tour with fresh cow pop on our boots,
we stopped by Triumph Brewing in Princeton to try their freshly tapped Petite Framboise:

👁 ♥ this poster:

Happy we stopped by for the Petite Framboise,
I loved it! 

We ended up running into an old friend from Princeton 
and having a surprise late night!

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