Friday, September 8, 2017

Might Be Cursed :: Faves for Friday (not the curse but these necklaces!)

As the last day of being 28 comes and goes,
I can't help but be revisited with the idea that I may in fact be cursed.

This last week I have: 
1. Broken a molar that was once a shitly done root canal 
2. Upon fixing said broken tooth, finding out that the tooth in front of it now needed a root canal,
it was "cleaned" out by my dentist but patched in such a way that I was in immense pain for four days. The type of pain that does not allow you to think about anything else besides the throbbing radiating from your tooth.
3. After an emergency root canal appointment (which happened by the grace of god) I had a non-stop migraine which left me vomiting yesterday. 

Well, this has been a super fun end of 28 years.
Please let 29 be better.

I mean, I know I have a curse.

The Sara Bareilles "Machine Gun" song says it perfectly:

Baby, please, I'm well-versed
In how I might be cursed
I don't need it articulated 

Maybe I need to get me some of these worry dolls from Sofia Zakia 
they are so cute 
& I need all the help I can get...

They are SO CUTE!

But they be esspensive as Kathleen Lights would say,
I loved this meme that my friend Walter shared on Facebook:

SOOO True.

Looking forward to 29 tomorrow,
no offense 28 but you ended up sucking.

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