Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Coming out of the blog closet....

It should be no surprise that I love writing this blog,
when I went to TxSc I determined that I no longer wanted to teach high school science anymore,
at least not for 5+ years...

It is time to come out of the blog closet.

Thanks to immense amounts of help from Nicole and Mia we crafted my "Twesume"
It is time to change career paths and be truly happy.

Another big component of "coming out of the blog closet" is my new Media Kit!
I am so thankful for all the help from Stephanie in making my dream Media Kit
Check her out on Etsy at PlatineDesigns!

This has been a seriously amazing experience with Stephanie from PlatineDesigns!
& she was awesome enough to send me a "step by step" "behind the scenes" look
at creating this amazing Media Kit!

I was nervous in the beginning because I can be a little too specific
about the minor details of graphic design projects...
but she was amazingly helpful!

So happy with how it came out!
It is now displayed on my Sponsorship Page!


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nicole @ writes like a girl said...

so excited for you and everything that's next!!