Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday Shopping!

It's been a while since I did a proper Sunday Shopping post!
Here are a few things I've recently picked up!
I fell in love with these emoji bracelets from BaubleBar, had to pick up the heart eyed cat
+ the "Hear no evil" monkeys! They were only $10 as the buried bauble!

I have also been loving these gold eye earrings from NinaByMili on Etsy,
these are beautiful for everyday!

 Another pair of eye earrings are these studs from LizDesign7 on Etsy,
these are amazingly realistic looking. I love them!
I also fell in love with this diamond geometric piece from Hey Claire's collection on Market {$18}

Speaking of recommendations from YouTubers... KathleenLights recommended this necklace from Forever 21 & it was now on sale for $8 + free shopping! Had to add this gem to my collection!

FINALLY! These skull flats from ModCloth went on sale for $37!
Ordered them and crossed them off my Wish/Shopping List!

I have also been stalking these prints from ElizabethMayville on Etsy for over a year now,
Since I have recently started to "master" aka look decent with a top bun,
I decided now was the time to add one of these to my gallery wall =)

Happy Sunday Shopping!

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