Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Civil Service-- Wear it Wednesday: Military!

Went to do my civil service duty as a juror! 
I had a pretty decent experience, didn't end up being on trial and was done by 10:30 am! 

My sister and her BF came to visit so we went to Princeton for some ice cream,
our usual place {The Bent Spoon} was closed so we had to go to Halo Pub
{there are two kinds of people in the Princeton area- Bent Spoon or Halo Pub... rivalries if you will}

I've always been a Bent Spoon person but this Cashew & Caramel from Halo was amazing!

What I Wore: glasses- c/o Firmoo, earrings- c/o BeeWhimsy via Chictopia, necklace- BaubleBar, top- vintage Swedish military t-shirt {one for sale in my Etsy shop too! $10 Awesome cut & length}, skirt- JCrew, flats- Gap outlet, ring- Hey Claire Makkit collection, bag- Rebecca Minkoff, nails- "Under Where" by Essie

1. Vintage Military "Gas Mask" Leather Canvas Flap Bag {$15}
2. Green gas mask US Military vintage side opening bag "US Mask, protective, Field N 7A1" {$20}
3. Swedish Vintage Military Camouflage Sack Bag {$15}
4. US Military Vintage Green Gas Mask Sack fold over bag "Mask, protective, non combat CD V-000 Size 4" {$15}
5. Swedish vintage green military short sleeve long length t-shirt {$10}

We went to a Pale Ale HomeBrew Club
Kolsh beer tasting, on a farm!
It was so beautiful!

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