Sunday, October 15, 2017

Target: Adding & Subtracting New Private Labels!

If you've been in a Target recently you may have noticed some big changes happening!
Target is phasing out some of their old private labels (Merona, Mossimo, and Cherokee)
& opting for some new & improved ones! 
{Lots of great info, including brand strategy, is included in this A Bullseye View article}

I think Target has been doing a nice job with their designer collaborations 
and clothing lines in general, 
lord knows I love to shop them

I was excited to check out the shop redesigns and new collections.
Especially a new day:

I loved that they broke down trends on the website into these 4 clickable categories:

In Real Life, I checked out a Target in South Jersey 
and was surprised to find the new collections well merchandized in store.
It was well stocked and spread out through almost the whole women's section:

I also love the shoes in this collection, 
I like that these collections extend past clothing into accessories and shoes, 
it keeps the image and branding consistent and cute! 
I especially love the leopard booties {duh!}:

I loved these feather print flats too that I saw online, but they are sold out =(

I also loved the "Find your shade of nude" line, available for both heels and flats!

See the 6 nude heel shades HERE:

See the 6 nude flats shades HERE:

I was also excited to see the Goodfellow & Co men's collection in person, 
this was definitely a great addition to the men's department in Target: 

I was impressed with this collection in person, 
it is high quality and has a great fall selection:

I especially loved these shoes:

I have not really gotten into the Athleisure trend, 
but I wanted to see the Joy Lab collection in person. 

I loved these pants with the mesh paneling
I may have to get a pair, especially since all I do is wear black these days...

A new home collection Target is rolling out is Project 62
I did not see this in person but it looks modern and sleek:

Target also has the Oh Joy! collection, 
and these couches are SO CUTE! 
My little Dara {who got married yesterday!!}, works for Target 
and shared the news that Target is partnering with Chip & Joanna Gaines 
It launches early next month and it looks like it is going to be amazing! 
I especially love this "Letters to Santa" box, 
may need to add it to my holiday decor this year! 

Target also has a new kids collection with Art Class
{source: Target on Facebook

This collection is also well merchandized and cute!

I love the Cat & Jack kids collection, 
especially the girl's shoes that still fit my little feet! 

I totally agree with queserasarah on Instagram
I need these kitty knee jeans in big girl sizes, 

 & don't forget about the SugarFix collection between Target and Baublebar
This Target store had a huge display of the collection,
it was reminiscent of the good ol' department store days:

The new Target private label brands are super cute {especially all that velvet!}, 
but I did restrain myself 
{I know, trust me, it surprised me more than you...}
Because usually this meme from TrendyTeacher on Instagram is the reality of a Target trip:

What do you think?
Have you shopped the new lines? 
Are you excited for all these changes?

Let me know if you share the same obsession with Target 
{or Target designer collabs}
as I do! 

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