Tuesday, October 3, 2017

But love is a long road....

Still loving this stump-turned-flower-garden: 

& Charlie's figs have been ripening!
We have more than ever before! 

Meanwhile, inside the house,
sits a regal, sunbathing, kitty with arms crossed:

& a pug who wants to desperately be held:

This map top is still on of my favorite purchases 
man I miss those discounts, 
not the impossible schedule demands, but the discounts and pretty clothes!

What I Wore: glasses- c/o Glasseslit, lips- Revlon "Rendezvous", top- Anthropologie, shorts- Rip Curl, loafers- thrifted

The Rye Pale Ale from Vault Brewing is so delicious!
{also my new gig, in case you want to visit and have some!}

We made our first stop at Hoagie Haven in Princeton, 
yes, we have lived in this area for 12 years, 
We've heard about these "Phat Lady" & "Shanchez" sandwiches for years,
and we finally tried their cheese steaks.

The first of many visits, I'm sure, 

With how horrible the world seems to be these days, 
{if you don't know what I am talking about, do you live under a rock?}
I want to leave today's post with some life advice from the late Warren Zevon
{source: AZ Quotes}

If you have never heard Warren Zevon's music, 
change that, listen HERE.

An artist that I wish I got to see when he was alive.

In other horrible news, 
I am deeply saddened by the death of Tom Petty
{source: TomPetty.com}

I got to see him preform a couple of summers ago as a birthday gift from my hubby. 
I am so happy we did. 

A true legend.

Shameless Promotions 
{I mean... Fashion School @FIT NYC doesn't pay for itself!} 

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