Thursday, October 12, 2017

All the fall things...

My friend Walter shares the best memes on Facebook, 
this one is funny, sad, and true:

The other day the hubby took an extended lunch break & we got to go on an adventure!
Its been tough since he works days, like a normal adult, 
and I have been working every night at Vault Brewing
Our schedules don't match up and it was nice to spend an afternoon together! 

We stopped by The Princeton Battleground
I have always wanted to explore this beautiful park and we finally did! 

Princeton Battlefield is the site of George Washington's victory with the revolutionary forces 
over British forces in 1777.
The pillars that sit back in the field are called "the Colonnade" 
& and were part of a mansion in Philadelphia in 1836.
 They were brought to Princeton as the entrance of Mercer Manor, 
but most of that building burned down and was demolished in 1957. 

These pillars are the only piece that still stands:

Behind the Colonnade is a marker for the fallen soldiers of both the American and British forces,
can't help but feel a sadness and unease on this field due to the loss of life and historical significance 

 We had an amazing lunch at Nassau Sushi
god I forgot how amazing the sushi is here, 
ESPECIALLY the spicy tuna.
Still the best I've ever had. 

What I Wore: glasses- Glasseslit, lips- Kat Von D "Lolita II",  necklace- gift from hubby, tee- H&M, cardigan- second hand from my sister, pants- Walmart, flats- Steve Madden, bag- Louis Vuitton 

A beautiful fall lunch date with my hubby
& my Louis 

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