Sunday, October 22, 2017

Spectacular Sunday: LEOPARD GLASSES!!

You know I couldn't do a Leopard Love week without including some leopard glasses!
There is nothing that makes me happier or feel more like myself than a pair of leopard glasses.

They are still not as accessible as I wish they were, 
come on eyeglass industry-- MORE LEOPARD GLASSES!
1. My first pair of leopard glasses were Lafont's when I was in middle school 
and they changed my whole perspective on the possibilities of eyewear!
I still can't believe I got to meet the Lafont team and got gifted two new leopard pairs!
2. Lafont "Violette" in 5072 & 6054
4. Anthropologie {sold out}
11. Dolce Gabbana DG 3212 2859 via Pinterest

I wish these Glasseslit babies were still in stock, 
god they are BEAUTIFUL! 

In case you need a reminder:
{source: via Pinterest}

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