Monday, October 9, 2017

Mani Monday: Favorite Nail Polish Companies (formula + fall colors!)

I can't get enough of these Mani Monday related cartoons that bustle shared on their Instagram,
they are so accurate:

I have been wanting to write this post for over a year
and share my Ultimate Mani Monday, aka my favorite nail polishes {colors + formulas}

My #1 nail polish formula is the nail polish from H&M
yes really.
I love the brush to these, helps the polish go on in a nice even coat.
With 2-3 coats {and a good top coat- my favorite it Seche Vite, for the record},
 they last well over a week!

These are the only three I own {so far}:
"Go To Greige"{worn here}  | "Golden Turmeric" {worn here} | "Russet Spice" {worn here}
because they are not available in all H&M stores and a little hard to find.
I prefer the cream shades to the shimmer shade I own:

A very close second / almost tie as my favorite nail polish company is KL Polish
the nail polish company started by the YouTuber Kathleen Lights.
I have loved everything that Kathleen Lights recommends 

I was a little nervous/skeptical about her own line, 
but knew I needed to try it out for my self! 
I am so happy I did because it really is a great formula!
I also love the brushes to these and the lasting power is great too! 

Shades I have: LE "Das Esspensive XXV" {worn here with the pink shade "Zoey"}
 "Pistatacio Ice Cream" | "Caramello" | "Zoey" | "Brick Sidewalk"
Last week I had to order the new Limited Edition shade "Mami Martha
for Breast Cancer Awareness Month & am so happy I did because it is now sold out! 
{more info + color at the end of this post!}

My third favorite nail polish brand / formula is Trust Fund Beauty,
I have gotten all of mine from my monthly Ipsy bags,
 they have become a favorite new brand discovery.

 I get so excited whenever a new color comes in from this brand, 
I love them all!  
I have the shades: "No Filter" | "Champagne Socialite" | "$12 Latte" | "Elegantly Wasted"

My 4th favorite nail polish company is essie
{an FIT grad BTW!}
I will admit that some colors/formulas are vastly different in essie's line,
 not all of them are that great and I don't like their new bottle design either.
Three of my recent faves from essie:
 "Leggy Legend" | "Miss Fancy Pants" | "Angora Cardi" {worn here}

My 5th favorite is a random mixture of brands...
does this break the rules?! Idc.
Aurora "136 Inky Dinky" via Ipsy {worn here}
Revlon "Chic" {worn here} not the best formula / wear time but I love this color
 Nicka K "NY139" I think this was also from an Ipsy bag... {worn here}

My 6th favorite nail polish is OPI
OPI is also a brand that can vary greatly shade to shade, 
I feel like the used to be more consistent.

Here are my favorite shades: 
"Never Have Too Mani Friends" {not the best formula, can't help but love the Hello Kitty cap}
"Just Spotted the Lizard" {worn here} | "Uh-oh Roll Down the Window" {worn here}
 "Christmas Gone Plaid" {worn here} | "A Great Opera-tunity" 
 "Is Mai Tai Crooked?" {worn here} | "It's a Piazza Cake" {worn here}
 "A-Piers To Be Tan" {worn here}
Also love- DS Classic "DS 031" {see it on the OPI website}
& want to get a new bottle of "Lincoln Park After Dark" because mine dried out

I see some trends in my fall polish picks...
Are they the same color?! 
Not to me, I swear! 
Trust Fund Beauty "No Filter" | H&M "Go-To Greige" | essie "Miss Fancy Pants"

H&M "Golden Turmeric" & KL Polish "Caramello"
KL Polish "Brick Sidewalk" & H&M "Russet Spice"

I can't wait to get my bottle of Mami Martha from KL Polish
It is so pretty!

With the profits being donated to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, 
this shade is definitely giving me "Nails Before Males" vibes! 
{source: an oldie but a goodie from _fashion.nerd_ on Instagram}

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