Tuesday, July 24, 2018

"If you're happy in New York I'll bring you home"

- Matt & Kim "Happy if You're Happy"

We recently went to NYC to visit Holly in Queens,
I had to break out my new Mo glasses that I purchased from Front Row Eyewear,
while they are more "boring" or "normal" than I usually wear,
I fell in love with the skyline on the inside, blogged about them in this post,
and finally purchased them & got new lenses in them from LensesRx.com 

What can I say, I love New York

So happy we got to visit Holly before she heads back to China for a month 

Started our adventure in Queens at Flo for some happy hour:

I had a glass of sangria and hubby ordered a beer from the list (of only like 5)
that was apparently sold out

We headed to the food court at JMart for some jian bing,
we need to come here and spend an entire day eating at every place, 
everything looked delicious! 

Also, side note- the sink bowls in this mall are AMAZING, 
I want these in my house. 

Couldn't wait to get a bubble tea, I wish we had more of these places around in Jersey, 
got one at tbaar, it was pretty good, not my fave but still good! 

We walked to First Lamb Shabu because Holly found the Hello Kitty hot pot online
and we had to check it out!

This picture of Holly with Hello Kitty may be one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken... 

Bye bye Hello Kitty... 

What I Wore: glasses- Mo Eyewear via Front Row Eyewear, lips- Smashbox Cosmetics "Disco Rose", necklace- Hunt & Orchard, top- Walmart, short- Gap, shoes- via Poshmark, bag- Walmart 

Holly took these "Behind Behind The Leopard Glasses" pictures, 
talk about true life.

While walking back to Holly's house, 
we spotted this sign for mango sticky rice, and we had to stop. 
I have been craving mango sticky rice since Thailand. 

The place was called Pochana and I am so happy we stopped in! 

I loved the place setting: 

Holly (a home products major) flipped over the plates 
& exclaimed "they are taking this Thailand thing seriously"

This mango sticky rice HIT THE SPOT. 

& this Thai Tea was so good too! 

Visiting Holly made me remember my book and swatch book from Fabric Science class and I decided to move them all into my attic closet, 
below my FIT diploma they gave us at graduation 
(not the real one, that one just shipped though!) 

I already miss NYC & FIT...

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