Friday, July 27, 2018

Faves for Friday!

I am obsessed with these stickers {especially that pug in heart sunglasses!}
 that my friend/coworker Renee gave me from her recent BOBS order:

 I am so impressed with the work that my hubby Charlie did on our step:

Also loved this "Take Your Pick" donut box from donuts Charlie picked up for my work,
it's so cute:

I have become obsessed with these skirts that cassie_stephenz shared on Instagram,
can you believe she converts these circle towels into these super cute skirts:
{Top | Bottom}

I have also become obsessed with these lady button necklaces from CreativelyObsessed:

Loving these Loly in the Sky shoes:
Top & Bottom Left: Ivana | Bottom Right: Luciana

Left: Evelyn | Right: Genesis

I love this quilted directors chair that quiltkween on Instagram posted/made:

These skull chalices are so amazing, 
as πŸ‘€ on timeoutnewyork on Instagram 
πŸ“ The Polynesian

I laughed out loud at this "IHOB" post after they "changed from "IHOP",
which was fake and so is this post but it is still hilarious, 
as πŸ‘€ on Facebook:

One thing that is definitely not a favorite this week
 was the fact that I broke my favorite Starbucks travel mug, 
which also happens to be a "limited edition" travel mug that now sells for $40, 

RIP, instead of holding coffee, now you hold pencils...
I'll miss you on the road.

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