Thursday, July 26, 2018

handwork movement (& new Bonlook glasses!)

It is SO TRUE. 
A new pair of glasses, or a favorite pair, 
can completely transform my whole outlook, 
literally and psychologically. 

I have been stalking these gold and red glasses with paisley detail 
{style- "Bad Beti" in "Paro"} from Bonlook for MONTHS now,
I mean they are SO PRETTY!

They are reminiscent of my other prized
& first pair (in 2011) of Bonlook glasses "Barbella" 

I love them in every color combo, 
but the red pair was creating a deep obsession in my heart. 
Top: Paro | Middle: Babbu | Bottom: Mumtaz

Bonlook glasses typically cost around $99,
so I have been holding out for fear that my husband would murder me 
if I bought myself another pair of eyeglasses... 

But when they went on a "secret sale" for $29, 
I COULDN'T RESIST-- it was now or never! 

they are beautiful. 

Updated the sidebar eyeglass counter! 

I immediately wore them to work, got tons of compliments, 
and was living my best life in my new glasses! 

Another pair I have been loving is the Bonlook x Keiko Lynn collab:

These are so pretty! 
I was going to get the middle pair "Roxy Noir" because they were also $29 in the secret sale,
 but had sold out already =(
Maybe next "secret sale"
Top: "Shug Blond" | Middle: "Roxy Noir" | Bottom: "Moe May"

& yet another pair of glasses I am obsessed with are the A Beautiful Mess x Bonlook collab 
"Jack & Norma", especially these new color combos: licorice (pictured below on Emma) & rose
{I have the Jack & Norma in gold glitter- worn HERE}

{source: abeauitfulmess on Instagram, Top: rose | Bottom: licorice}

I have pretty much been wearing these since I got them,
 including the latest Levitt AMP Trenton Music Series concert last Thursday 

Another beautiful day in Mill Hill Park! 

The Trenton Circus Squad was there preforming during the show,
 which added such a cool element to the show!

This concert also had a new food truck, "Wanna Pizza This"
When we saw them on the levittamptrenton instagram my mouth was immediately watering, 
the pizza looked amazing 

& did not disappoint in person either! 
It was delicious! 

Paired my new glasses with my new top from Walmart 
(yes, I bought it after including it in my Summer 2018 wishlist!) 
& was definitely feeling myself!
This top is only $10 and is perfection with the stripes and gingham ruffle sleeves! 

What I Wore: glasses- Bonlook "Bad Beti" in "Paro", lips- {can't remember right now...}, necklace- gift from my Nonna, top- Walmart, shorts- thrifted, flats- Forever 21, bag- vintage Coach {thrifted}

After taking my outfit pics, I got to pet a super cute pug. 

My sister Silvia went with us and her boyfriend's parents met up with us too! 

His mom posed with the Trenton cops,
so funny & cute! 

Really enjoyed Hardwork Movement + Ladybug
and added these two songs to my 2018 Spotify Playlist
🎶 Dance With Me | Living Legends 🎶

Really enjoying these summer shows, as Charlie says, 
"Good Summer Vibes",
Arnold is feeling them too:

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