Sunday, July 8, 2018

The MOST Spectacular Sunday EVER :: My Current Eyewear Collection

I blogged about my new eyewear display earlier this week 
& realized it has been FOREVER since I did an eyewear collection post.
I am pretty sure that the last time was in 2011- when I started this blog, talk about a throwback,
& wow has my collection expanded exponentially 

Today is the day for an updated collection! 

Keep in mind that there are:

This is my little corner of the attic where I keep all my glasses:

So lets break it down row by row, from left to right.

Row 1:
Glasseslit | Kensie | Steve Madden | Firmoo | Coastal | Zyloware | Rivet & Sway | Rivet & Sway | Glasseslit | Zenni Optical {kinda want to get these made into sunnies} | Bonlook | Zenni Optical 

Row 2:

Row 3:

Row 4:

 Row 5:

Row 6: aka room for growth... 
I do have another pair of Rx sunnies WORN HERE, but those are in my car
Black Ray Ban Wayfarer Rx sunnies

On a vintage hanger I have my beloved Faniel glasses & my Lafont

& I have my 1st leopard pair of Lafont glasses on display:

#1: Are all your glasses prescription? 
Yes they are, are all of them up-to-date with the Rx? 
Nope, it's expensive but maybe with my new found love for LensesRx, that may slowly change! 

#2: What is your favorite pair?
I would have to say my classic leopard pair of Lafont leopard glasses have a special part of my heart, although my first pair of Faniel glasses from 10/10 Optics are a very close second. 

#3: Do you buy your own glasses?
Sometimes. I love sponsorships for different eyewear companies and welcome all of them but if I see a pair I need, I save and get them! 

#4: Do you ever wear contacts? 
Nope, hate them. #glassesfolyfe

#5: How long have you been wearing glasses?
Since 8th grade, see my early glasses story HERE

#6: Would you ever get lasik surgery?
No thank you, I love my glasses. 

#7: How often do you go to the eye doctor's and how often does your prescription change?
I go once ever 2-3 years, my script changes slightly but not too harshly. 

#8: Favorite places to get glasses? 
In person- 10/10 Optics 

& my giveaway of two pairs of Lindsay Lowe Eyewear ended today!
Congrats Kate! 

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