Tuesday, July 10, 2018

not too deep, not too athletic

I have been loving Grace Helbig's podcast "Not Too Deep"
& the athletic top she wears on the podcast cover:

whatnicolewore on Instagram has a velvet version that I love:

I picked one up from American Apparel before they closed the store on 7th Ave in NYC:

What I Wore: glasses- Zenni Optical, lips- Mellow Cosmetics "Nude" via Ipsy, necklace- Hunt & Orchard, top- American Apparel, pants- Betsey Johnson, sneakers- Nike 

People ask me why I never post pictures of Maggie & it is because she takes the worst pictures.
She is a pretty girl but whenever a camera comes out you get this:

Can only get her when she is sleeping...

I love these leggings- the little mesh part is leopard print!
Although it is not lasting after washing them which is hard not to do
because I wear them to work and then smell like a brewery after so....

& to not get too deep, 
I loved this post that I found on Facebook from my friend on Instagram pygmy_geek:

& eyeamoptometrist on Instagram posted specs very similar to the ones 
I wore in this outfit in this super cute pic:

& now Zenni has this pair of glasses in rose gold {style #419019}
& I am ðŸ‘ŒðŸ» close to getting them...
I mean they are only $7.... 

Not that I need pair #62 butttttt I WANT THEM! 

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