Sunday, July 15, 2018

Spectacular Sunday :: Francis Klein

I love this post by glamoptometrist on Instagram,
& a HUGE shout out to Dr. Arian Fartash 
for being nominated as the "most influential women in Optics 2018"
such a cool honor! 

& I totally agree with this quote post from Vera Wang 

This week's Spectacular Sunday is featuring Francis Klein
I first found Francis Klein at the Loft Eyewear Show in 2017
and fell in love with their fun glasses + leopard print {of course!}

& they just have so many beautiful frames, here are my favorites:
1. & 2. Can't find the style names/numbers anymore... πŸ€”
8. & 9. Can't find the style names/numbers anymore... πŸ€”
11. Can't find the style name/number anymore... πŸ€”

Really love these peacock frames too!

+ this limited edition pair is so cute!  

I love this circular shape and gems! 

This was at the Francis Klein trunk show at eyecandyopticianry:

So let me get this straight, 
I write a personal fashion blog, mainly about how much I love eyewear, 
and lasikistanbul on Instagram feels the need to comment this BS on my Instagram:

That was all I could muster after how moronic that (probably) robotic comment was, 
Oh I would look "much more cool without your eyeglass" 
Was I suppose to say, "OMG really?! Let me fly to Turkey to get lasik?" 


Why would I want lasik when glasses like this exist?! 
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