Thursday, July 12, 2018

Back in the New York Groove

I love walking around midtown Manhattan to New York Groove by Kiss,
except when my phone lies to me and tells me it is going to be 81 & sunny 
and ends up being torrential downpours...

So did I have an umbrella with me? 
So prior to leaving Penn Station me and 100 other unprepared people 
had to stop at Walgreens to get an umbrella, 
naturally I got a leopard one because why not...

Even with the umbrella I decided to take the red line down down instead of the recommended orange line, got out and got on the orange but took the wrong letter until the robot conductor said "next stop Brooklyn" and I thought "OMG GET OFF NOW".
So I proceeded to run/walk to my meeting through the Lower East Side

Had some drinks at Delicatessen which had amazing bathrooms and a private bar downstairs
What I Wore: glasses- Faniel, necklace- AxelHoney, top- Target, pants- Old Navy, flats- Modcloth  

On the way back to Penn Station I spotted this girl rocking this pug print top:

Came home to my parent's pup Stanley who was staying with us while my parents were away,
he has grown into such a handsome pup, 

 Also with the purchase of my leopard umbrella,
 I found this super cute graduation Hello Kitty card with glasses! 
I had to get her and hang her up! 

I love that I hung up my cap and added 2/3 of my tassels from my 3 post high school graduation,
still looking for the one from my Bio bachelors degree... 🤔

I also hung up this "Dream Big" card that I got from my FIT graduation

& added this "Go Change The World" card from my gradation party, 
love these on my gallery wall! 

But really... is time to go change the world...

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