Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday Shopping!

Finally got a chance to check out the Milly for Kohls DesigNation in person!
Still impressed that it is still in stores!
The manager said it has been consistently selling too! 
{Check out my designer-for-less comparison post Lilly vs Milly}
Picked up a little something for Mother's Day too!

Kohl's always has cute stuff!
I loved these stripped floral shorts & the Lauren Conrad Mini Mouse collection is super cute!

I went to JCPenney to use this free $10 that arrived in the mail!
I loved their Joe Fresh line and am sad that it is leaving JCPenney
so I wanted to see if they had any left in clearance

First I found this scuba material navy blouse with floral cut out shoulders,
Was listed for $12 in the clearance section
I also spotted this leather perforated midi skirt for $17
I've been trying to get more "solids" and "neutrals"- these fits that category for me!

With my $10 off and other coupons I got both for $17!
I think that is a great deal!

I also loved this floral box top at JCPenney,
they have lots of pretty pieces for fall!

Speaking of spring pieces,
my last piece from the Lilly for Target collection arrived!
I love that I fit into kid sizes & was able to get the Noisey Posy espadrilles finally via instagram!

I love this lady bug dress from Vintage Whimsy on Instagram!

Did you know that lady bugs are actually vicious predators?
& are subjected to parasitic wasps that lay eggs in their undersides and emerge when grown,
the parasite actually has yet another parasite that lives in it and goes to the eggs of the lady bug and turns on their motherly instincts so it protects the parasite as its own baby!

Sorry for throwing some science at you!
Here is a picture of an infected lady bug from the "Mindsuckers" article from National Geographic:

Anyways, I will have to wear this dress the next time I teach that lesson =)

for being pretty, lady bugs come with their own issues!

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