Saturday, May 23, 2015

Shop Girl Saturday! Memorial Day Sale InTheLeopardCloset!

This is the biggest sale I've ever had! 
Time for some Spring Cleaning! 

50% off everything InTheLeopardCloset on Etsy from today until Tuesday 
with code "MemorialDay50"!
PoshMark does not let me do percent discounts with codes so if you are interested in something in that store please let me know and I will lower the price 50%!

& There is a lot of new vintage InTheLeopardCloset!
1. Grey Pleated One Button Vintage Blazer {$40}
2. Black Bright Floral and Hummingbird Maxi Dress- Vintage {$25}
3. Sea Green Tweed Vintage Pencil Skirt {$16}
4. Blue/Purple Silk Embroidered Floral and Bird Set {$40}
5. Turquoise Ultra Suede Suit Set Blazer + Pencil Skirt Vintage {$35}
6. White, Navy, Pink Pleated Vintage Midi Skirt {$20}
7. Navy, Red Polka Dot Floral Maxi Vintage Dress {$45}
8. Knit Black Vintage Dress with Floral Sleeves {$40}
9. Navy Kimono Style Buttoned Short Sleeve Top {$14}
10. Black Fish and Shell Nautical Print Maxi Vintage Dress {$25} 
11. Black Horseshoe Embroidered Vintage Dress {$25}
12. Victorian Lace Collar Cream Vintage Blouse {$15}
13. Tweed Skirt- White, Navy, Red Vintage Pencil Skirt {$18}
14. Red Embroidered Stg. Pepper's Style Blazer {$20}
15. Silver Cream Sparkle Vintage Blouse/Cardigan with Rhinestone Buttons {$15}
16. Floral Mexican Embroidered Tunic Blouse {$30}
17. Black Box Bag with Bow & Cold Details 3 Sections Inside {$25}

I still have more to process too!
Lots of pretty stuff!
& I have a ton of vintage military items coming your way!
If I don't decide to keep all the camo myself =)

Thank you for your continued support, owning a boutique is a big dream of mine!
Check out the shops & have a wonderful weekend!

If there is ever anything in particular you are in search of, please let me know!
I do a TON of shopping/thrifting & would love to hook you up with what you've been searching for!


Check out my vintage finds: InTheLeopardCloset on Etsy
Shop my closet: PoshMark

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