Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Shopping!

Weekend breakfasts are the best! 
& my hubby who makes them! 

Now for some Sunday Shopping!
I love my new bed sheets!
Yes, I even mix patterns in my sheets =)

I love our bedroom!

We got a new shower rod, a curved one!
Surprisingly makes the bathroom look bigger and gives you more space to shower!

I also took advantage of Rehabbed Handmade's $5 earring sale!
I am loving the watermelon ones!
The avocados are a gift for my sister!

 Looking for earrings on Etsy lead me down this rabbit hole,
which ended up with these purchases:
I love these incredible eye earrings from LizDesign7, YES!
Especially since I am teaching inheritance & eye colors!

I love these eyes with eyelashes from NinaByMili!

When I was out shopping with my sister Silvia,
I spotted these rainbow glitter birk style sandals in the kids section at Target,

I also fell in love with this blinking eye {there is a theme becoming apparent}...
I first saw it on grav3yardgirl on instagram, and had to investigate,
it is a designer from New York named KT Ferris Creations

This was the original piece I was enamored with,

But I decided to go with this smaller beauty due to price restrictions,
I was excited to take advantage of the spring sale {came out to be like $28}!

Happy Sunday Shopping!

Check out my vintage finds: InTheLeopardCloset on Etsy
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Barbie said...

I love the glitter sandals! I'll have to head to my Target & hope they still have some!

<3 Barbie