Friday, May 15, 2015


aka- #wearmoredresses! 

I met Hilary IRL "In Real Life" at TxSc,
my first introduction to her was on twitter before the trip where she said, 
"I don't know what to wear, I never wear pants"

She meant that she wears skirts and dresses daily, but we all had a good giggle about it!  

I knew that she was the perfect one to reach out to for some inspiration to wear more dresses! 
I have mentioned that while everyone else is into "Casual Friday"... 
I like to break out a dress on Fridays, 
but I need some inspiration to really rock those dresses in my closet! 

Cue in Hilary!

Q: How often do you wear dresses?
Hilary: "Everyday! I wore pants for the first time last week in like 4 years."

Q: How many do you own?
 Hilary: "Oh gosh... I'd say around 60 dresses (I now believe I may have a problem...)

Q: What are your dream details in a dress (if you could design your own)?
Hilary: "I love fit and flair dresses with Peter Pan collars preferable in a bright color." 

Q: What do you look most for in a dress?
Hilary: "Something bright and feminine. I usually gravitate towards anything with a collar."

What Hilary Wore: pink dress- Asos, undershirt- Forever 21, necklace- Hilary's Cutie Crafts, shoes- Aldo

Q: What are your favorite accessories for dresses?
 Hilary: "I love wearing collar clips when I wear a dress with a collar or wearing a longer necklace that I can layer under the collar. I also love wearing either a long sleeve shirt underneath or adding a sweater depending on the season"

Favorite accessories: Purple Plastic Collar Clips / Purple Cookie Collar Clips / Purple Wood Heart Collar Clips / Donut Collar Pins / Unicorn Brooch / Pearl Collar Clips {vintage}

Q: What is your favorite:
 Hilary: "Probably my green lace dress. It looks more like a shirt at this point but I adore it."
Dress- Modcloth {old}

Huge thank you to Hilary for sharing some dress inspiration!
Check out her blog Cutie Cameras!

Love this girl!

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