Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Where have I been {last couple of weeks in pics}

I completed a couple things off my to-do-before-I-die list: 1. Wrote my name in cement 2. printed out all of my poems from 2004-now! I can't wait to get them bound {plan on it after I get married}

I also realized why I am so difficult-- it's all due to my birthday... 

Found these origami birds after the students left for the day, couldn't help but snap a pic & take one home...

Wild flowers from "weeds" are my favorite & these tea bags are adorable & delicious.

& my dogs are crazy as always:
but there is nothing like coming home to a pug parade and a pretty bully girl =)
She is getting so big!

Love morning caps 

especially when I have to cross a river to get to work...
Thank god for these llbean rain flats

 duck babies by the lake

"one of these babies are not like the other..."
How adorable is the albino one ;) 

BTW I thought it was "April showers bring May flowers"
Last time I checked it was May & I don't live in Seattle... so stop raining everyday!

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Sharon S said...

Oh my gosh, your dogs are SO freakin cute! The photos of them made me smile :)

We have ducks that have been residing on our front lawn...we feed them bread so they'll keep coming back hehe.

The Tiny Heart