Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Buy Converse Trainers at Very

              There is quite possibly no item of footwear as iconic as the Converse All Stars. Remember Will Smith tying up his ‘vintage 2004’ pair in hit sci-fi movie I, Robot, or Twilight star Kristen Stewart turning up at the MTV Awards in 2009 having paired a Spiderman-style mini dress with a pair of black hi-tops?
              The fact that a veteran action movie star and an actress who is synonymous with the girliest film franchise of all time can be linked via their Converse trainers just shows how versatile these wonderful shoes are.
              The diversity of styles is brilliant – you may think of Converse as belonging with a pair of skinny blue jeans, the epitome of sartorial Americana, but if Kristen Stewart can pull off the ‘smart dress with Converse’ look, not to mention Lily Allen on stage, then you can too. If you buy Converse trainers at Very, you can compare styles and view customer feedback, helping you find just the right pair to customise your look.
              The festival season is fast approaching, so grab a pair to dance to your favourite band and just change your clothes each day: your shoes can stay on. Achingly cool model Agyness Deyn has been snapped accessorising her Converse All Stars with a tie dye maxi dress at California’s Coachella festival, proving that a pair of wellington boots isn’t the only way through the mud for intrepid festival-goers.
              The classic Chuck Taylor All Stars is the style we all think of when we think of these shoes, and they come in a variety of vibrant colours for both men and women, as well as for kids. Try hipster green for children to give them instant fashion cache, or red polka dot for extrovert teens. Navy or black will go with literally anything, and white will give you a clean and sporty look.
              The Speciality Ox Converse All Stars, which are designed for urban wear, have a thick sole that will keep your foot cushioned and comfortable no matter how much you pound the pavements. Very offers this twist on the American classic in several colours and patterns both new and retro, so in the space of a few clicks your feet will thank you forever.

I personally own these babies:
Well owned, I had the pink ones since 8th grade and left them in a small village in Costa Rica during a service trip for the kids there =) Truly a classic.


Deluxshionist said...

oh forever young with the shoes

Herdiana Surachman


emmabasilone said...

yup, they are classics!