Tuesday, May 22, 2012

brights for a gloomy week

I find myself wearing my brightest clothing when it is ugly outside. Some sort of over compensation thing I have got going on...
The last few days have been gross, therefore I wore my newly thrifted highlighter blazer.
What I Wore: neon blazer- thrifted Rescue Mission in Trenton, polka dot blouse- frock candy, sequin undershirt- AE gift from mother-in-law, levis jeans, rain flats- llbean. Glasses: Tortoise  "Tamara"- c/o Proopticals Bag: banane taipe in midnight magenta

Speaking of brights, this brightened my day:
 Success my The Webter for Target order arrived and wasn't stolen this time! 

 The prints are even prettier in person =) 
Can't wait to rock this in Mexico!

Worth the wait & the reorder =)


Leanna said...

I lovee your yellow blazer.

And the flats are super cute, too! Glad you got them reordered and no one snatched them. :)

jannatul rahamoni said...

u look amazing as usual