Friday, May 18, 2012

faves for friday: my beloved skull blouse

I had blogged about this skull blouse a number of times (here & here) from Gypsy Warrior
Well I got it. & I love it. to death. pun intended. 
I am so tempted to get the white version too, they are that cute.
What I wore: glasses- bonlook, black blazer- GAP, skull blouse- gypsywarrior, black and silver belt- alloy, red pencil skirt- thrifted, black stockings- ?, tassel loafers- Dolce Vita via fancyfrenchcologne.

Another addition to my skull family:
I love these skull tequila bottles- only missing the white one now =)

On another note with my obsession with Gypsy Warrior, these will be in the store next week:
Um yes. 
I need this. 
If anyone knows me-- I have an unhealthy obsession with yatzee {mainly testing my luck}
This bracelet will be mine! 

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