Sunday, May 6, 2012

Shops at Target Debut!

So if you follow me on pinterest I pinned this outfit a couple of weeks ago when discovering The Webster for Target line:

I love everything about this, the color blocking, the mix of patterns, the clean lines,
but especially THE SHOES.

So needless to say I have been saving and waiting for this line to debut for The Shops at Target. {I even attempted to redeem my Visa reward points for a Target gift card to use for this very occasion but it didn't come in time, o well}

So this girl got up at 6 am {granted it is largely due to the fact that I haven't been feeling too hot} to order these beauties!:

I was almost caught in the moment and almost ordered these too:
but ultimately decided against it... for now...

If and when my gift card comes in I might have to get this blouse:
if there are any left that is...

anyone else scoring anything from Shops at Target?
anyone venture into the actual Target store? 

When I tweeted my excitement that night about these shoes I have been dreaming about, Target replied that the shoes are online exclusives, so I didn't want to torture my self (and my bank account) by going to the store if they didn't have what I really really wanted. So I ordered from the comfort of my own bed. {iPhone for the win.}

I am excited to see what other lines Shops at Target will release in the future!


Dani Shapiro said...

I was totally going to go to Target today. And then I totally forgot. Oopsie.

red_head4242 said...

I placed an online order myself! The sleeveless jersey dress, flutter sleeve dress in flamingo print and the cross back tiered dress in navy. Probably won't keep all three, but I like options :-)