Saturday, May 5, 2012

last day outfit "in the field"

Not this field, but the student teaching "field" placement.

So student teaching may be over, but I don't think I am loosing touch with any of my students, 
Hey guys, you found my blog haha 
good thing I was already done when you found my fashion secrets. 
What I wore: black lace top- Khols, pink pencil skirt- Talbots {thrifted via the Rescue Mission in Trenton}, black stockings-?, black and white polka dot flats- recent thrift from the Rescue Mission. Glasses- Bonlook.

These flats are one of my new favorite, they reinstated my love for thrifting-- 
seriously never know what you are gonna find!

I have also added a member to my arm candy as a gift from one of my amazing students!

Current arm candy: right- heart bracelet- gift from Jess-theinbetweenred hamsa bracelet- gift from fiancé {via haute look}, silver wrapped copper bracelet- store in New Zealand, evil eye gold bracelet- gift from fiancé from M Rocks Jewelry,  black evil eye bracelet- from friendship bracelet swap via the daily danisnake bracelet- Calypso St Barth Snake-Charm-Bracelet, silver skill cuff- Anna Sheffield {Bing Bang}, new brown and gold bracelet- gift from student =)  

Speaking of presents...
Definitely a bittersweet ending to an amazing student teaching experience, 
I am going to miss these kids! 

Got me some school gear as a reminder:

Wrote my thank you cards and said my good byes

Complied my lesson plan book:
{weighs like 10+ pounds}

& left the class a little cooler than before:

left some of my survival kit for my co-op to enjoy, even though I was more grumpy than him since I ate most of the oatmeal raisin and chessmen cookies...

& Celebrated!
All you can eat sushi at Sushi Palace and finished it off with bent spoon 
{earl grey & blueberry mascarpone = amazing}

Cheers to the next step, a big girl job!

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