Wednesday, May 16, 2012

weekend of leather shorts

So last weekend started with the graduation of one of my best friends (and my grand little in my sorority) 
I can't believe it, time flies!

that outfit was then transformed into leather shorts and leopard loafers.

not gonna lie: I wore these leather shorts all weekend.
you will all be tired of seeing them by the time it is winter again.

Then it was home for mothers day!
I love the way these two cuddle

pretty Jersey landscape

pop makes the best mojitos  

 & the Rangers win!!!
move on to play the NJ Devils & won the first game against them on Monday.
looking for another win tonight!!

1st watermelon of the season!
I can eat a whole watermelon in one sitting. Yes. By myself.

 Once again leather shorts and leopard loafers {sensing a pattern?}

Oh and what did I get mom for mothers day?
Not going to lie- I had no good ideas and I hate to get something just to get something 
But she fell in love with my pink one, so a red one was in order =)

Oh and speaking of shopping:

To who ever stole my The Webster for Target flats off of my door step on Mother's Day: 
Hope you're a size 6.

Thanks Target for the refund, to say thanks I ordered the shirt from my wish list too =)

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Bekah said...

Someone stole your mail? That bums me out. I am sure mom love loved that bag!!!