Sunday, August 26, 2018

Spectacular Sunday :: Lafont Leopard Love Affair

It is no news that I am obsessed with eyewear, 
if you read this blog, you already know.

But if you noticed in My Current Eyewear Collection post,
I really only have two pairs of Rx sunnies: 
a pair of Ray Ban wayfare sunnies that I bought during our trip to Hong Kong in 2009
& a pair of Glasseslit sunnies. 

When I went to vision expo this year and met up with Lafont
Kristin said that she thought it was time for some leopard sunnies! 

I picked out the Baronne sunnies and they have been on back order:

Love this post from Stelladot on Instagram:

I was so excited to receive these babies in the mail! 

& this super cute note!

After they arrived I had to send them away to LensesRx to get prescription lenses put in, 
I ordered lots of lenses for eyeglasses from LensesRx in June
& was a little surprised that the sun lenses were $70, 
while the clear lenses start at like $7.

I was thinking about changing my heart glasses {Style #4420218} from Zenni into sunglasses 
(as I probably should have purchased them originally) 
but for $70 it might be worth getting a whole new pair from Zenni as sunnies... 
maybe in the red polka dot version...

I was so excited when they arrived! 
Although I wish the lenses tint was darker... 
I still find myself squinting in the sun sometimes

I feel like my Lafont leopard glasses got a super-hot big sister:

The combo of my Lafont leopard glasses + sunnies 
are perfect to transition from glasses to sunnies! 

 This post that my friend Lisa shared on Facebook from Very Jane is so true
& now I have these super cute leopard sunnies to rock! 

What I Wore: sunnies & glasses- c/o Lafont, lips- NYX "Root Beer Float", necklace- gift from my cousin Sabrina, top-Victoria Beckham x Target, belt- JCrew, pants- Target, flats- Kate Spade 

So as a new pair of sunnies moves into my collection, 
I am sad to report that my floral pair of Glasseslit glasses broke recently.
I went to put them on and noticed that they were crooked on my face and when I went to move one side up they just cracked 😫
I am so sad, I loved these. 
I have had them since 2014 so I guess 4 years of wear for glasses 
that were so inexpensive is not bad... but they will be missed.

I am currently searching for a new floral pair, 
Style #113239 from Zenni seem like they might be a good replacement:
But for now:
+ 1 pair of sunnies
 -1 pair of glasses
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