Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Tattoo Tuesday @ a puppet factory?! with RoguePokes

Last week we took a little road trip to visit RoguePokes at his shop 
The Hideaway Tattoo in Springtown, PA

This shop was in a really cool old building, 
I noticed the floors downstairs were beautiful dark antique wood 
and said to JP, "I love these floors" 
& he said when they remodeled this building they put in old floors from a old puppet factory. 
I was like 😮

 & he said that they left all the original paint on the floors upstairs 
& I was so excited when he took us on a little tour. 
The upstairs floors are AMAZING. 
So cool.

After the tour it was tattoo time! 
I got my little leaf lady from JP 2 years ago and knew I had to reach out to him about getting my anatomical heart with flowers, I knew that the space was small and a little awkward and was so excited when JP was ready to take it on! 
& OMG did he deliver. 
This tattoo is everything I have imagined + much, much more! 

Excuse the bandage {even though it kinda matches my outfit!}
& the necklace turned around behind my back from laying on a table for a couple hours...

What I Wore: glasses- Firmoo, lips- Revlon Just Bitten in "Lovesick", necklace- AxelHoney
top- Mara Hoffman, shorts- Lilly Pulitzer x Target, sandals- Target, bag- Walmart  

 Had to share this post from highcyl's Instagram story called "Yo Girl Nice Tats Bingo",
I don't get why people think they can touch you to look at your tattoos, 
it has happened to me a couple times at work 
& every time my brain is like "WHAT IS HAPPENING AND WHYYYY"

& I can't stand the "When you get old those tattoos will look terrible" argument.
I think they will be reminders of a life well lived, 
of adventures and important moments in my life.
& as danpiraro shared on Instagram, at least most other old people at the old folks home 
will also be covered in illegible blobs of color...

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