Friday, August 31, 2018

uncut plain weave

A couple of weeks ago we took a trip to PA to visit my sister Bianca and her bf Matt, 
we got to see her new apartment 
& see a little of the Villanova Law School that she has decided to attend! 
So proud!

We checked out her local coffee shop, Pour Richards Coffee Co,

Such a cute coffee shop and a very good little cappuccino! 

What comes after coffee? 
Beer of course! 
We went to a new brewery: La Cabra Brewing 

I had a flight to try a few beers:
Willard- a saison, The Joy Marshall- white IPA, Simcoe Shatter- lactose IPA, 
Sign Sealed Delivered- NEIPA
The Joy Marshall- white IPA was my favorite, but they were all really good.

I wanted to try their "Hipster Catnip" but they didn't have any, 
which just means we will have to go again! 

I had muscles and they were very tasty! 

Their bight green walls were perfect for some pics, 
{and yes I was still drinking my coffee...}
I wore some "uncut plain weave" aka terry cloth for this adventure, 
Textile Science class may have been a year ago, 
and I may have graduated Fashion School but I can't stop.

What I Wore: glasses- Glasseslit, lips- Loreal x Balmain "246 Confession", necklace- AxelHoney, top- Marimekko x Target, shorts- Anthropologie, sandals- Target

Next stop was Tired Hands!

I really enjoyed the Nelson Savin MagoMago- Mango DIPA (SO GOOD)
& the Hee Haw- Strawberry Table Bier (also very good!)

While walking around Wayne, PA I spotted these amazingly massive glasses 
& was obviously obsessed:

When we looked up to see the name of the shop everyone was like 
"OMG you only need one more M!"...
Haha, I wish!

We also had a beer at "Great American Pub Wayne"
which is a weird, golf centered bar, can't say I would recommend
but their ladies bathroom sign was too funny not to share:

👆🏻Me after coffee & multiple brewery stops...

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