Thursday, December 21, 2017

Holiday Decor- 2017!

I made sure that we decorated for the holidays weeks earlier than we usually do, 
I just wanted to enjoy the decor for longer!
We didn't even decorate for fall which is usually so fun, we just ran out of time.
Working on the weekends is draining...

We got our tree from the Trenton Farmer's Market,
 which has become a holiday tradition

While we were at the Farmers Market,
we stopped by Halo Farm and picked up some Egg Nog & they are right, 
"There are no egg nog that are similar to ours", it is so good!

We made a run to JoJo's in Hamilton to have some Delmonico Steak sandwiches, 
the perfect treat before the daunting task of decorating!  

Then it was home to decorate! 
This year I was inspired to share my top 10 ornaments 
1. A picture of me and Charlie from 2010, we look like babies! 
2. A pug pillow ornament from MsSpanner
3. Lumberjack guy & gal from Target {last year, they have similar ones this year}
4. Santa and reindeer in a red beetle {we actually have two of these on the tree, one from my first car in 2005, which was actually a yellow beetle, and one from actually getting a red one in 2013!}
5. Mushroom man {$1 from a mushroom festival, he is weird and I love him}
6. "Miss Emma" ornament from 2013 when I caught kindergarten CCD, my mom gave this to me and told me that I always had my wild style, and my pattern mixing is displayed in this ornament.
7. Monster ornament from Little Punk People 
8. Leg lamp keychain from the Christmas Story,
it says "It's Fragile" when you push a button on the back!
9. Ornament from our trip to Mexico, we like to get one from every place we travel, my parents used to do something similar when we were kids.
10. Of course, an ornament from FIT, 

& TA-DA! 
Tree is decorated & I celebrated with an egg nog latte! 

& this is the closest I am going to get to a Christmas card,
with over-the-shoulder glares... 

& this kitty who did not want to participate:

Decorated the fireplace mantel, 
switched up some stockings this year and I love how it came out!

Other holiday details:

Of course there are items on my Holiday Decor Wishlist, 
I think we have a ways to go with our decor, 
you know me, 
I love layers and collections! 
1. I LOVE these stockings from Frances Loom, they are so pretty, 
expensive {~$150 each}, but worth saving for! 
2.  Love this rug from Target {spotted on TargetStyle on Instagram
Doesn't it look like my car with our tree 👆?! {an indoor version here}
3. Brush trees @ Walmart as seen on Whoa Wait Walmart's Instagram
I want to get a collection of these going! 
4. I love all of these handmade holiday decor items from Eelmonkey Art
5. Love this John Lennon NYC ornament from anniesblueribbongeneralstore on Instagram
6. Love these little angry snowmen from on Instagram, had to get one of these for my tree this year! 👇
7. Love these little ugly Christmas sweater ornaments from Twin Elephant Brewery, wish they sold them online, guess we will have to make a trip back for beer and to get this ornament! 

I have been wanting one of those little angry snowmen for a while now, 
happy to have finally purchased him and add him to the tree! 
{sequin hanger is from the now defunct Pearls and Pastries Etsy shop}

I loled at this Christmas tree cartoon:
{source- via Pinterest}

& I loved this quote shared by space46boutique on Instagram

♡ Happy holidays from my home to yours! ♡

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