Thursday, December 28, 2017

ThirdLove... is it love? Lets {finally} Try!

Thirdlove is one of those companies that I have always heard advertised on various podcasts 
and have always wondered if it was worth trying out.  

So late in October, I decided to finally give it a shot.
** If you are reading this expecting a picture of me in this bra, sorry to disappoint, it's not happening,
unless you're my hubby, in that case see you after work 

So I took the plunge, 
& decided to try out one of their 24/7™Classic T-Shirt Bra in the color "naked-4" bras:

According to their "Fit Finder®" Quiz,

I am a size "34E" or "DD"

I also listed the issues I have with my current bras like "back band rides up" "straps slip down":
I decided to also get a matching pair of "Seamless Bikini" undies, 
because #whynot

 So I initially paid a cent under $12 to do the trial period, 
I was wondering if I would need to return the undies after the trial too,
 but I think they were for keeps. 

^ It is important to note that they do pend a charge for $68 on your account initially.
A little alarming upfront but it does go away
{until you forget it has been 30 days, and then it is permeant}

I was excited when the set arrived, 
I initially tried on the bra
 and thought, "Eh, this fits but it's nothing to write home about"
but I decided to take off the tags and give it a go. 

I thought these tips on how to wear a bra were interesting, 
especially the one about wearing the bra on the loosest hook in the back initially:

So what are my final thoughts?

Did I keep it or send it back? 

Long story short. 
Yes, I kept it.

Did I really want it? 
I am still going with EH

I wore it for a few days and still had some strap slippage issues.
& I think that the straps are too far apart, or maybe just further than my other bras that it rubs in different spots and it not exactly comfortable

I also had some weird stabby pain under my pit 
and realized that there was still one of those plastic tag pieces hidden there. 
I did not remember taking a tag off from that spot but there it was sticking me next to my heart. 

Not exactly living up to the ThirdLove motto of "The best bra is one you never have to think about"

Truth be told, I was planning on sending it back, 
I thought "this is not really worth it. Do I need another bra" 
{even though I can't remember the last time I actually purchased one...}

But literally the day I brought down the box to pack it up and log in to get the return label, 
{side note- I did not hear a thing from Thirdlove after my order, 
when I logged in to do this post, there was no account assigned to my email,
 so I don't know if the lack of communication is due to that or whatnot}

I saw that it was too late and I was already charged for the order. 
{where did those 30 days go?!}
I mean, I like it enough, so it wasn't really worth arguing about it. 

Would I do it again? 
there are some cute bras on Thirdlove that my be a better style fit for me, 
I would pay more attention next time.

Here are my favorites: 

So what do you think?
Have you tried ThirdLove?
Would you? 
Do you like "free trial" programs? 

Do share! 

P.S. Why are bras to expensive?!
I think there should be a tax break on all these "requirements" for being a woman...

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