Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday Shopping!

A few things that I've recently purchased/acquired:
The newest member to my gallery wall is this adorable heart print that my sister gave me!

Last week I shared the curtains that we picked up for the guest room we were starting to put together,
Well it has come a long way!
I love how it is coming out!

I also finally got these hanging pots from the local Mexican Market! 
I love them! 
Can't wait to put them up in the Mexican themed bathroom!
I also picked up a few tops this week,
I have been searching for this denim top from the Converse collection from Target {$22}

I also fell in love with this navajo print Cecelia Young on ThreadFlip {$14}

I love the chain detail on this Madewell tee, had to have it from Teen Witch Closet on instagram {$10}

Also from cactusgrlcloset on instagram I loved this neon tank, now I need summer to wear it!

Another exciting gift this week was tickets to see Bill Nye speak in NYC this summer!
My big sister from AXD got us tickets! 
He is my science IDOL!

Last but not least,
Happy Easter!

My Easter consists of lots of yellow bread! 
Handmade by my Nonna & Zia! 
by far my favorite tradition, ever! 
Happy Easter! 

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