Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Quick- Help Kickstart Corilynn!

I love clothing, 
as if you didn't know 
But I love handmade designs that are so beautiful,
 you know they will be in your closet for a longgg time.

When I first saw that beloved blog clothing designer Corilynn started a Kickstarter
to help her start her new line, 
I said, "NOW is the time to finally own one of her beautiful pieces"

My main goal was to own a TeaTime Blouse in the anchor print,
it is too beautiful!

Since Kickstarter only lets you formally pick one reward, 
I had to ask to add a print to my order,
will be so perfect for my gallery wall!

So I became a backer! 
My first time ever!

I am so happy I got to be a part of bringing this collection to life!
What are you waiting for! 
Only 24 hours left to get in on this amazingness! 
Pledge & support now on Kickstarter!

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