Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Shopping {should be called: "True Life I am addicted to Instagram shops"}

Recently I have been completely unable to say no to the amazing items on various instagram shops.
Here is the aftermath. 
denim vest- cactusgrlcloset's instagram shop {$17} / velvet skirt- biothrift's instagram store {$12} / leopard sweater- ggc_sales's instagram shop{$17} / floral denim -shop_lazuli's instagram shop {$18}- currently loving this vintage tapestry blazer! might have to be mine too...

The floral denim from shop_lazuli's instagram shop already came in! 
{& I already rocked it!}

I also just purchased this amazing sweater from shopgossamerthreads's instagram shop for $13!

I had to have this leopard velvet beauty from laurelcrownd on poshmark only $10!

I also finally bought these pug in glasses loafers from ModCloth!
They are perfect for me!

My sister Audrey bought me this amazing bird blouse from Marshalls! 

Turns out it is Kensie & she scored it for only $7!
What a deal! 
I am so lucky =)

I had to run to JCPenney when tayloradaly posted this eye glass tee on instagram!
I. Love. It. 
& for $15 it was so worth the trip!

We went to the Home Depot for some Spring greenery! 
I love the new potters! 
Really brighten up the house!

We also got some new candles from Bath & Body works with the spring sale!

Speaking of little home improvements, 
we finally got an Llbean carpet for the front entry way to the house!
went with a dark blue leaf print to match the living room, 
it already makes the house look much more inviting!

The pups are exhausted from having too much fun this weekend running around with their cousin Ellie!

Happy Sunday Shopping! 

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