Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Shopping- Sister Style & StitchFix!

I've been wanting to try StitchFix for a few months after seeing this box of interesting stuff on whatwouldanerdwear's instagram:

So I signed up,
but knowing my shopping addiction and my inability to say "No" to myself, I decided to wait,
but my sister & mom decided to give it a try
& I get to live vicariously through them! 
1st up is my sister Bianca's fix: 

I love that it comes with cards that show style ideas for the items in your fix,
but it kinda made me wish the fix came with some of the pictured items or at least indicated where they could be purchased to complete the look,
These cards should contain outfit ideas with the items in your fix on how to wear them together,
Bianca also suggested that they should be displayed on models to see how they are suppose to fit and be worn,

For example you would not be able to tell the pink Kensie jeans were high waisted
{especially since they are pictured folded}
unless you put them on or saw them on a model. 

Bianca's fix: 1 scarf {$32}, 1 blouse {$48}, 1 cardigan {$48}, 1 tank {$48}, 1 pair of jeans {88} 
The total was $264 and if you end up purchasing all of the items {which she did} you get a 25% discount {-$61}, & you take off the $20 styling fee from when you order the fix which goes towards an item of your choice
so she ended up spending $183 for all of the items

& I convinced her to take outfit pictures styling her items! 

What Bianca Wore: cardigan- Pomelo {$48}, tank- Olive & Oak {$48}, jeans- Kensie {$88}, flats- Old Navy
Overall Bianca's review: She enjoyed the StitchFix experience, thought the prices of the items were a little high {especially for the scarf} for the originality of the pieces. Bianca wanted items that were different than she would normally pick out from Charlotte Russe or Forever21. She really liked the pink high waisted jeans because she normally wouldn't pick out that color or fit. She is going to give StitchFix another chance because she does not shop very often and enjoyed the surprise in the mail. 
Then my mom's fix arrived: 

I was excited to see what her fix had in store, 
she can be tough to shop for & is not very into shopping, so I was interested to see what they picked

Mom's fix: 1 blouse {$58}, 1 dolman top {$48}- terrible neckline, 1 cardigan {$48}, 1 pair of jeans {$98}, 1 long sleeve top {$48}

The only item that mom decided to keep, with me insisting- & I want to borrow it ;)
was the 41Hawthorn studded blouse {$58}: 
I liked the neckline, slight ruffles, and studded details of the blouse,
She used her $20 credit from the styling and spent an additional $38 & sent the rest of the items back in the pre-labeled envelope. 
Overall Mom's review: Mom is a hard one to please, she liked the studded blouse but that was pretty much it. She never wears jeans {& the ones they picked were not the right style} and was hoping for more items that were more work ready. The stripped sweater and cardigan looked like it had promise, but it looks like something you could get from Walmart for a lot cheeper. The blue dolman blouse was not flattering and the neckline paired with the cowl neck design did not work. She is not sure she will schedule another fix. 
This has been an interesting experience to work with my sister and mom to get their opinions and see how the StitchFix process works. 
I will keep you posted with more fixes {my sister Audrey signed up too!} 
Happy Sunday Shopping! 


Dani Shapiro said...

I have gotten 3 (I think) StitchFix boxes - I think maybe 1-2 years ago. I thought the items were semi-cool, but way overpriced, and the sizing was inconsistent. I have been thinking about giving them another try recently - I might follow through. Your sister's fix makes me want to try. Your mom's does not. Hahaha. Excited to see what you get when you finally take the plunge!

emmabasilone said...

Yeah I was disappointed by my mom's fix. I do too much shopping to have someone else shop for me right now! I want to see what you have gotten/will get if you fix again!