Saturday, April 19, 2014

In Search of (ISO) Saturday

So on Saturdays I usually blog items that are currently in my shopping cart waiting to see if I pull the trigger on them, 
but today I am featuring items that got away and now I can't find them!
This is an "In Search Of" (ISO) post,
If anyone finds these items- LET ME KNOW! 
& I will love you forever!

1st up, 
why did I not purchase this sweater from Lilly Pultizer when it was available, 
as a teacher this is on my mind from September-June. 

Apparently it has reappeared on Lilly Pultizer's website, but is still $98!
Last time I got caught waiting for a sale- hopefully one will be in my inbox soon!

We are also searching for a new couch for the living room, since Maggie the bulldog ate the last one,
searching for a vintage floral two seater. 
Hopefully soon, since we moved the leather couch we had in the apartment down stairs and it is not doing it for me...
Anything that your ISO or know where to get that Lily sweater?! 
I would love to hear!

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