Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Shopping!

The most exciting purchase for this week's Sunday Shopping is my new wallet from Milly!
I have wanted a hologram wallet for a year, but could not decide
 between the Rebecca Minkoff or the Milly version, 
I went with the Milly one due to the zipper closure, 

I loved this houndstooth wallet from Kohls, 
it was perfect for the winter, 
but I am so ready for Spring & Summer with this holographic beauty! 
I also have semi backed off the instagram shop obsession, 
still ordered these two beauties though…
I love anything with a cute lip print, 
this top will be so perfect for Valentine's week of love next year!
from "Stripedolivecloset" on instagram {can't find shop anymore- hope I didn't get ripped off…}

I talked about the last floral beauty from shop_lazuli's instagram shop on last week's Sunday Shopping,
and mentioned that I may need the tapestry blazer from the shop,
well I did for $20 shipped. 

Also during a recent thrift adventure, 
I found these sparkle flats- had to add them to my closet for $2!
I have also updated my eyeglass storage with my new green glasses from Firmoo
& my new tortoise with clear bottom glasses "Hobbs" by Lookmatic
Our weekends have been full of home updates these days,
& butt cracks and bulldogs!
One of the ones that I find most exciting is our new chair in the bedroom,

We have wanted a chair for the bedroom for a year now and have not been able to find the perfect one,
we drove past this one at a yard sale yesterday and I was OBSESSED. 
For $40 it is ours, amazing condition & the perfect pattern/color scheme for the room!
We have been adding little home touches with these lace curtains that hung in our apartment!
They are perfect for the stair windows!

Our guest room came with curtain rods when we bought it
& I have been looking for the perfect curtains for them and the vintage/metallic style we are going for 
& I found them at the Home Depot! 

I love the tan color and the black details! 

Another score from Home Depot are these metal shelves for the unfinished basement,
A great way to get all my binders from grad school off the floor.
It was the last one and we had to take it apart to get it, but got it for only $40! 
There was a similar one from the same brand for $170!  
I also talked the hubby into hanging up our Japanese restaurant curtain that we thrifted a few years ago!
It is the weirdest curtain & I can't believe he keeps letting me hang it!
I think it is perfect in our kitchen with our weird home decor style!
I am loving updating the house with some new & old things, 
it is starting to feel very homey around here =) 
We have officially owned the house for a year already!

Wow time flies! 

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Marine said...

My husband LOVES the asian curtain and that bedroom chair. And your house. He wants it all!