Monday, July 24, 2017

in the city that never sleeps, after a night of not sleeping

I can't even remember the last time I pulled an all nighter, 
until this summer's Publicly Workshop class at FIT...

What can I say, 
I wait until the last minute then power through 
to hand in my media kit EARLY 
because that is the only way I would get it back with feedback.

I mean feedback is the whole point right?!

Oh well, my media kit is done.
& beautiful.

I got an A, naturally.
+ good feedback too!


What I Wore: glasses- c/o Faniel via 10/10 Optics, lips- Colourpop "Trust Me", top- Forever 21 {bought from ggc_sales's Instagram shop}, pants- White House Black Market {thrifted}, booties- Gypsy Warrior, school bag- FIT bookstore, tote- c/o Lafont

This week's mani perfectly matches this New York City wall on FIT's 28th street murals!
Blue: OPI "Into The Night" / Glitter: Loreal "Raise the Flag"

The most joyful part of my day, the chaos that is Penn Station.
Seriously, it is mayhem.
How is this acceptable?

The most people I have seen moving to a train...

I cannot wait for the new Penn Station to open in the old post office, 
it looks amazing and HUGE! 
Hopefully it will clear up some of this chaos and congestion πŸ‘†

Podcasts are the only way I survive this commute, 
especially Lore's Episode 64: Behind Closed Doors was all about dark secrets in NYC,
I had no idea that Washington Square Park used to be a potter's field cemetery... 

Even though I was the one who pulled an all nighter, 
I came home to these sleepy pups who acted like they didn't get any sleep last night...

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