Saturday, July 8, 2017

Things are changin' round hereeeee....................... NEW HEADER!!!!!!!! (& Media Kit Update + New Blog Post Upload Time!)

You may have noticed that BehindTheLeopardGlasses got a new header today!
This has been in the works for a couple of months (years really)
I have loved my old ones created by Rai from

 but it was definitely time for a change!

I am so excited that it is up!

I worked with Becky Simpson from Chipper Things to create the PERFECT header:

{PS Stilllll want this Neighbors Tee:

even more now since I saw it on the amazing Nicole from Writes Like A Girl...
it's going on my birthday wishlist!}

I have wanted a new header for about 2 years now.
 I was between a bunch of artists that I was saving in an inspiration folder.

When I saw the logo for the podcast "I Was Just Saying That":

I had to know who designed it!
Michelle Pimm pointed me in Becky Simpson's direction.
Becky was incredibly helpful, open to ideas and really brought to life my dream header!

A HUGE THANK YOU is in order!

In other blog news,
my media kit got a facelift too last month!

Thank you Stephanie for your continued help with my media kit, it looks amazing!

I have also decided to change post times to 10 am EST.

Check out BehindTheLeopardGlasses even earlier!

So many amazing changes,
thank you to all the lovely ladies who have helped along the way
and continue to offer support and inspiration!


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