Friday, September 11, 2015


On Labor Day, we were about to start another day of watching HGTV when the hubby was like, "Lets hit a bonus brewery-- Magnify is open and their beer list looks good"

Went with black and white for a casual adventure!

What I Wore: glasses- Zenni Optical, lips- elf "Pout Perfecter",  necklace- Forever 21 via Poshmark, t-shirt- Llbean, shorts- Anthropologie, sandals- Target

I liked everything we tried,
I think my favorites were the "Seasonally Appropriate Berliner Weisse" & "Search Saison"
the owners were super nice and it was a great time!

No brew kitties though

On the way Magnify to we passed Uno Chicago Grill & Brewery
that is actually on the Beer Bucket List
& we had to stop on the way home!

 Beers were pretty average, I liked the IPA, but we were so full

✓ Magnify
Off the Beer Bucket List!

Beer Bucket List:
We have already been to:
Carton Brewing
- Harvest Moon Brewery
Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant
Kane Brewing Company
Little Dog Brewing
River Horse Brewing Company
Spellbound Brewing
-Triumph Brewing Company

Bonus Breweries {in NJ} we've been to:
Beach Haus Brewing
Forgotten Boardwalk

We are going to:
- Angry Erik Brewing Company
Cape May Brewing Company
- Cricket Hill Brewing Company
Flounder Brewing Company
Flying Fish Brewing Company
- Gaslight Brewing Company
- Glasstown Brewing Company
HearthStone Grill
- High Point Brewing Company
- Krogh's Restaurant & Brew Pub
Lunacy Brewing Company
- New Jersey Beer Company
- Pinelands Brewing Company
Rinn Duin Brewing Company
The Ship Inn Restaurant & Brewery
- Trap Rock Restaurant & Brewery
- Tuckahoe Brewing Company
- Tunn Tavern
- Pizzeria Uno
- Village Idiot Brewing Company

Breweries in Planning {If they are open they will be added to the list}:
- Backward Flag Brewing Company
- Berlin Brewing Company
- Brix City Brewing Company
Cypress Brewing Company
Demented Brewing Company
- Garden State Beer Company
- Man Skirt Brewing
- Pi Brewing Company
Screamin' Hill Brewing
- Slack Tide Brewing Company
Third State Brewing
- Tomfoolery Brewing

The Garden State Craft Brewers Guild has a nice clickable list of these NJ breweries + maps! updated their list of breweries and breweries in planning
since the initial post card/bucket list idea,
these will all be bonus breweries if we can go to them:
- Ramstein
- Magnify
- Asbury Park Brewery
- Czing Meister Brewing Co
- Jersey Girl Brewing
- Twin Elephant Brewing
- Two Ton Brewing
- Wet Ticket
- The Wharton

Just keep drinking, just keep drinking...

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