Friday, September 25, 2015

Leopard & Red Lip Love + Lots of Faves for Friday!

It is no surprise that I love leopard print and red lips,
but I think this may take my love of leopard to a whole new level!

I mentioned that I wanted a leopard carpet for my birthday/anniversary,
I have been needing/wanting a carpet on the stairs going into the attic (aka my closet)
since we moved in

We went to World Wide Wholesale & I was shocked by how many options they had!
I went with this "Simba Stanton" carpet, a classic leopard print!


Stairway to heaven!
 Makes me happy every time I see it!

Barry loves it too!

Now I have leopard stairs & get to wear it!

 What I Wore: glasses- Jean LaFont, lips- NARS "Cruella" {Sephora birthday gift-- new absolute favorite red lip!}, necklace- Charming Charlies, top- Kohls, tank- NY & Co, shorts- Gap, flats- thrifted, bag- vintage Coach {thrifted}

I have lots of other faves this Friday:

I have been loving my mornings cuddling with my fur family!

I am sorry in advance for lots of fur baby pictures,
they are just too cute!

My boys:

I feel like my phone is full of Arnold pictures,
he is so cute and lays in such weird positions

Yet can be such a creeper:

I think the sweetest thing is how much Arnold loves Charlie,
he watches him walk the dogs in the morning and meows for him

We have been eating the spoils from our garden all summer,
my hubby's green thumb had provided quite a bounty!

I blog about this occasionally, but my hubby is also a great cook!
One of my favorite things he has made recently are these steak sandwiches
with swiss and mushrooms, so yummy!

When my giraffe tank arrived, as seen here, arrived
I fell in love with the vintage card it came with from Crzybeeautifulshop on Instagram,
I added it to my gallery wall!

Also on my birthday, I got this announcement from TripAdvisor!
#1 reviewer in my area!
Check out my reviews here

We also finished binge watching Narcos on Netflix,
I thought it was graphic and interesting.
I liked how they used real footage throughout the series

I have also been loving a lot more podcasts these days!
StoryCorps: I love these stories, generally in themes. Worth a listen
This American Life: I am not sure why this took me so long to start to listen to this podcast. They are really good, I wish all the episodes were available on iTunes, but with phone updates, it has been a struggle
How To Be a Girl: This podcast is about a mom's daily life with a transgender child, such an interesting point of view on this topic that has been in the media a lot lately.
You Must Remember This: I have not listened to all of these, but the series on Charles Manson are amazingly done. Definitely worth a listen, I love the use of voices to convey the crazy stories.
Sword and Scale: WOAH. This true crime podcast is nothing short of terrifying, addicting and crazy. Real audio from popular crimes, a true behind the scenes of various killers, and serious criminals. Once again, not all episodes are on iTunes, but worth listening to on their website, with caution.
Oh Boy: On a totally different note, this ManRepeller podcast are interesting interviews, I have been enjoying learning more about Leandra Medine.

I also wanted to share this adorable picture that Nicole from Writes Like a Girl blog,
shared with me on Facebook, we both don't know what it means but boy is it cute!

On that adorable note,
Happy Weekend =)

Check out my vintage finds: InTheLeopardCloset on Etsy
Shop my closet: PoshMark

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