Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sept 3: Ikat & our hop harvest

Day 3 is ikat! 

I had the perfect shorts in mind for this outfit, but they don't fit =(
{you can now buy them on my PoshMark}

but then I remembered this amazing embroidered top that I got from JCrew 
{this is the one I got a parking ticket while buying}

What I Wore: glasses- Zenni Optical, lips- Maybelline "Warm Me Up", top- JCrew, pants- Anthropologie, flats- Calvin Klein {via Burlington Coat Factory} 

It was time to harvest our hop plant! 

& finished the harvest with an all you can eat sushi dinner! 

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fashionforgiants said...

I love that top. And we have hops all over where I live here in Oregon; they're a wonderful plant!

Oh, also, I *finally* have an outfit to link up; I'll be linking up for chevron tomorrow!